April 19, 2024
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South East london based singer-songwriter Tirzah has been making music with longtime friend and musical partner Mica Levi Since 2013. Her debut LP, released in 2018, Devotion received a ‘Best New Music’ award on Pitchfork, soon becoming a favorite for music connoisseurs around the world. Described as ‘alluring stories of intimacy and love’ by the Guardian it established Tirzah as an artist of emotional depth and authenticity.

Tirzah’s second LP Colourgrade came in 2021 not long after the birth of her second child. A deeply personal and sonically rich album, it pushed even further than Devotion into uncharted sonic territories but retained the honest storytelling for which Tirzah had become loved. It could not have been a more critically acclaimed record and cemented Tirzah and Mica as perhaps the leading avant-garde musicians in the UK.

Don't miss this souful London singer in the Roundhouse main space as part of In The Round Festival.