December 12, 2023
The Lower Third
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Based in upstate New York, Rahill Jamalifard is a multidisciplinary artist working within numerous overlapping musico-poetic traditions. Her creative practice includes songwriting, as well as portraiture, DJing (both radio and live), and a more private pursuit of literature. Informed by her upbringing in a diasporic Iranian-American household, as well as her lifelong, genre-spanning musical explorations, Rahill’s forthcoming solo releases constitute, at once, a natural progression of—and departure from—her work with the seminal NYC psych-rock outfit, Habibi, which she co-founded in early twenty-teens.

Rahill’s songs occupy a familiar, contemplative mode—blending jazz, trip/hip-hop, and folk traditions spanning east and west. Ever attentive to the primacy of childhood, the whimsy and the wisdom derived from sober reflection on the paths taken (as well as the ever-present could-have-beens of the paths that weren’t), Rahill’s past and forthcoming music cuts to the quick: songs of love and longing that are universal in their particularity.