September 12, 2024
Maina Doe
The Waiting Room
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New single ‘Maybe’ is the latest drop from Maina’s forthcoming EP ODIWAMS, following Maina’s praised recent singles ‘Witness’ and ‘Lucid Dreams’. ‘Maybe’ is a buoyant but unvarnished look at how we can be drawn to facades and mislead on another; Maina’s honeyed neo-soul vocal glides with effortless and cool precision, delivering whip sharp lyrics atop multi-layered production. ‘Serving a lifestyle that’s made to deceive, made to relieve, losing my game to an old fantasy, what’s happening to me?’. Strings swell and dip in tandem with the constant beat creating a heady and addictive tension.

“In ‘Maybe’ I was exploring how much we rely on facades to move confidently in the world and how much these facades become a spectacle when you become aware of your own smoke and mirrors. It felt cheeky to express this in a fun and upbeat way.” – Maina Doe

A testament both to the talented creative network Maina Doe has immersed herself in while developing her personal style, and the artistic integrity she’s carrying into this new era, Maina’s expanding catalogue proves time and again that this is only the very beginning for one of our generations most enticing new R&B artists.