June 18, 2024
Loren Kramar
The Grace
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Today, Loren Kramar, Secretly Canadian’s latest signing, announces his debut album Glovemaker out April 26. If the Chateau Marmont could sing. This would be it. Ecstatic aspiration. Doubt. Proximity. Desire. The album Glovemaker is about the skins we craft to be seen by the world, and Loren reminds us that we are all in drag. All exposed. No matter what gloves we slip on. At the heart of these songs is an irrepressible desire to be known. Loren’s fantasies of success and stardom read as metaphors for a deeply human longing for acceptance and connection. Kramar is a showman and you hear it in his words: Blistering truth. Drama. Urgency. Glovemaker explores love and loneliness, dreams and promises, everything Los Angeles dangles. Kramar’s witty, vivid lyrics unfold with his powerful and intensely yearning vocals. This whole album is a shrine, a mantle atop a blazing fire of life, spread with the memorabilia of Loren; all of the pain and lust dazzling on unabashed view.

To celebrate the announcement of Glovemaker, Kramar will head to London for his debut UK show on Wednesday 20th March at The Grace.