July 27, 2024
Future Islands
Crystal Palace Bowl
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Future Islands play South Facing, outdoors at Crystal Palace Bowl.

Gates open 2pm

Support from:
Baxter Dury
Julie Byrne
The Golden Dregs

From their start, Future Islands have been singular and instantly identifiable. Samuel T. Herring’s life-worn croons and cries backlit by Gerrit Welmers’ melodies and charged by the rhythms ofWilliam Cashion and Michael Lowry.

Future Islands have played nearly 1,500 shows – shows that have bruised bodies, frayed vocal cords, provided escapes for audiences, and healed their messengers. 'People Who Aren’t There Anymore' is a major work from a band at an inflection point: they’re discovering new ways to experience the world, because the old ways weren’t working. That freedom has led to the most fully realised, most transparently honest statement in their 17 years as a band.