July 16, 2024
Ezra Furman
Union Chapel
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Ms. Ezra Furman Doing What She Wants

Is Ezra furman touring again?? No!! She’s just coming to London to play two unforgettable solo shows!!

"This maladjusted gal is skipping over the puddles and landing in London (the Glasgow of England) for my first non-Boston shows in a long while, two of ‘em, in which I will do whatever I want to do. I will admit what I want to do will be more music than non-music. And I will have guests and read things and sing things and probably talk some to you about things and there are no rules.”

Through 6 critically acclaimed solo albums, 3 albums with her former band the Harpoons as well as creating the original soundtrack for the hit Netflix Original Series 'Sex Education,' Ezra Furman has amassed an arsenal of much-loved music.

Exploring themes of identity, religion, political angst, love, anxiety, Furman has become an icon for the misunderstood and the oppressed. Her live show has built a fierce reputation with The Guardian dubbing her "the most compelling live act you can see right now."