June 14, 2024
Corsica Studios
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Prior to releasing any music, Ebbb — comprised of producer Lev Ceylan, vocalist Will Rowland and drummer Scott MacDonald — built a storied mythology on London’s underground live circuit which spawned the likes of Squid and black midi. Commanding an atmosphere at gigs that So Young Magazine described as “an almost religious experience”, the melding of Ceylan’s engulfing and enthralling production and beats, with Rowland’s endlessly capable vocals, along with MacDonald's added stomp, quickly resulted in the band being one of 2023’s word of mouth live sensations.

Despite being together for barely a year, the band have already landed on something truly singular with their debut EP “All At Once” (June 2024). Fusing pulsing rhythms, immersive electronic production, sparkling melodies, layered vocal harmonies and beats that veer from ambient to industrial, the result is an idiosyncratic hybrid of sounds. One that the group describes as “Brian Wilson meets Death Grips”.