February 28, 2024
Astrid Sonne & ML Buch
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Astrid Sonne is a Copenhagen-based composer and viola player. Her most recent album “outside of your lifetime” is a precisely created record that Sonne arrived at via improvisation, trimming and reassembly. The compositions appear like sculptures. They are made with keys, strings, voice and buttons.

Many of the instruments and inputs on the record are carefully processed to efface their personality, so their origins are never exactly clear. One may follow seamless transitions between pure generated oscillating waves and true ten-finger choral organ work. Other tracks present fierce waveforms through a shimmery rotary pulse, heated and perfectly suited for live experience of the music. Sonnes Hands-on and hands-off effects bleed into each other, and one often can’t tell the difference.

ML Buch is Marie Louise Buch, a Copenhagen-based composer, producer, guitarist and vocalist. Following debut EP ‘Fleshy’ in 2017 she released her critically acclaimed album ‘Skinned’ on Danish imprint Anyines in 2020. ‘Suntub’ is her second full length release, a double album consisting of 15 tracks, released in October 2023 on cult new label 15 love.

In her compositional practice ML Buch sketches up her music in an almost architectural way. The raw material is generated through immersion in playing and assembling as a way of triggering random magic. Her live performances, both in solo and group formations, is reflective of her love of combining 7-string electric guitars in open tunings with synthetic instruments and electronic experiments.